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Rain or Shine. Good Tea Time.


Made and brewed in Malaysia, Cuaca brings a unique Malaysian tea experience with handcrafted drinks infused with local flavors. The name Cuaca is derived from the Malay word which means weather. It takes inspiration from Malaysia’s tropical weather –  an excellent climate for growing and harvesting of tea and crops, and the idea of any weather is good for a cup of tea.


In a highly saturated sea of sameness, Cuaca focuses on nurturing homegrown brand by getting the quality and ingredients right; with an emphasis on offering simple, hearty, and no frills tea experience. Every drink is a promise of attention and care. Following the tradition of going the extra mile to pick the best teas, sourcing for the finest ingredients is at the very heart of Cuaca. With an aim to keep it real Malaysian, we striveto brew better tea; teas that stand at the heart of moments that bring Malaysians together.


Cuaca is about creating authentic tea experience and bringing simple joys from our own homeland. Malaysia is blessed with a vibrant, all-year-round tropical weather which most days can easily feel like a summer vacation. Warm sunny days and slightly cooler nights makes it a perfect place to enjoy any kind of tea. We believe the source and blend of our ingredients are the foundation of a perfect cup of tea. And the essence of good tea lies in the unwavering commitment to sourcing quality ingredients. We hope you enjoy our handcrafted tea and have a good tea time.  

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